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Digital Transformation and Process Automation for Fact-Based Decisions in Professional Services Certinia

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In doing so, they’re able to eliminate a lot of error-prone rote processes, as well as develop smarter, better services for their clients. We have the experience, knowledge and market-leading hyper-automation technology to expedite digital transformation. As a company, we are a horizontal platform, with solutions and customers in smart buildings, telco, industrial, energy, financial, field services, green energy, and many more sectors.

digital transformation process automation

While optimizing how work gets done to improve productivity and efficiency is desirable in and of itself, for best results, automating your processes needs to align with a broader business strategy. Deploying and socializing automation across the business means entire teams benefitting from the newly streamlined workflow, not just IT. In response, 84 percent of companies that identify as “customer-centric” are now focusing on the mobile customer experience. Moreover, businesses have ramped up investment in omnichannel experiences, with the number of companies making this shift jumping from 20 percent to 80 percent, according to a 2020 PWC report.

Robotic Process Automation vs. Digital Process Automation

Understand your resourcing and skill needs based on your actual pipeline and backlog. Seamlessly prepare compelling estimates that are both competitive and profitable. With process discovery you can investigate the best place to automate and where you will get the most ROI.

Innovating with SAP Business Technology Platform – SAP News Center

Innovating with SAP Business Technology Platform.

Posted: Thu, 18 May 2023 12:07:14 GMT [source]

The innovative digital transformation solutions provided by WEBCON BPS make the implementation of a digital strategy easy, seamless, secure, and fully effective for your organization. Meanwhile, the technologies and features offered by WEBCON BPS provide many more opportunities than traditional BPM and document management system suites combined. SoftwareOne is redefining how companies digital transformation and process automation build, buy and manage everything in the cloud. By helping clients to migrate and modernise their workloads and applications – and in parallel, to navigate and optimise the resulting software and cloud changes – SoftwareOne unlocks the value of technology. Building agility through business process management can aid organizations move forward in their journey out of the Cov…

Customer value is the key

RPA and DPA complement each other, by helping organizations achieve their process automation goals. In the future, RPA will be incorporated into DPA systems and organizations’ overall digital transformation strategy. Improve project profitability and resource utilization with Certinia’s professional services automation solution. Keep projects on time, customers happy, and reports updated–all on the leading business cloud platform from Salesforce. Successfully automating all, or part, of a business is entirely contingent on being able to thoroughly understand how a business currently operates.

digital transformation process automation

This almost always means faster results, but it often means better results, too. More input can be examined before acting – without requiring more work. Customized results can be achieved that match customer needs, expectations, and pain points. Digital process automation begins by using technology to automate a workflow, but it also includes digital and physical assets, people, roles, schedules, data, documents, and anything else that makes up a business process. Although Robotic Process Automation and Digital Process Automation can be deployed separately, when implemented together, their individual benefits are truly seen.

What Is Prototype Development?

However, when compared to digital transformation, automation is only an enabler, a driver or at best a compulsory component. Gartner emphasized that digital transformation goes beyond making existing business processes more efficient and extends to creating or unlocking new value for customers. Fundamentally, it is about automation and customer centric value proposition. It is about leveraging technology to build systems of intelligence that enable businesses to empower employees, optimize operations, transform products, and engage customers. To generate new sources of income, businesses re-think their customer experience along their value chain. To connect and engage with their customers in new ways, employees need to be empowered to innovate and operations optimized and modernized.

digital transformation process automation

By focusing on people first, any “disruption” caused by digital transformation will help those who are affected to see how the disruption will be a change for the better. We work with the organization to clearly understand the current processes and necessary tools to deliver on the service promise. Sustained operational improvements, waste reduction, and reduced cycle times are achieved aligning operating systems, management infrastructure and mindsets & behaviors with a focus around the customer.

Use by Industry

Create an environment that fosters creative thinking and experimentation. For an adaptive culture, encourage your team to be comfortable failing and learning from their mistakes. By exposing your workers to different functions, you allow them to obtain a greater vision of the business as a whole, creating a favorable climate for innovation. It automatically supports all mobile devices and speeds up the approval process by providing 24/7 access from anywhere. Automate forms and workflows so there’s no need to print, sign, and scan. Discover what happens when the power of RPA meets the flexibility of the cloud.

  • Improve project profitability and resource utilization with Certinia’s professional services automation solution.
  • Recipe Management Systems Enable automation to manage, handle, and execute equipment recipes, recipe bodies, and all required …
  • Equipment Integration & Automation Automate and integrate equipment on the production line with other systems.
  • Customer service is an example line of business that will see significant hyperautomation.
  • Certinia delivers a Services-as-a-Business platform that powers and connects all aspects of services operations, from services estimation and delivery to customer success management and financial planning and accounting.

Intelligently route documents to the right person at the right time to ensure that business constraints are satisfied. Over-delivering on customer service is the single most important thing you can do to increase revenue. If you don’t, today’s consumers will quickly move on to the competition.

Process Automation | Accelerate Digital Transformation

The types of work DPA can address are primarily broken down into three categories, programmatic, transactional, and exploratory. Capture your customer success best practices with built-in success playbooks. Accelerate your planning cycles with core financials and analytics coming from a single platform. Build more dynamic, accurate plans, stress-test scenarios, and better anticipate how much to spend and where. The financial services sector has been at the forefront of IT spending for many years.

Digital transformation will flourish where teams are enabled with the tools and skills needed to support—and create—change. When you automate business processes, you gain access to an abundance of data that you didn’t necessarily track before. This offers increased visibility into which processes are successful and which ones could be further optimized. True digital transformation is about leveraging all the digital tools at your disposal – including automation and data analytics capabilities – to fundamentally transform how your business operates and makes decisions. Processes are what differentiate companies and separate market leaders from followers.

Where can digital transformation make an impact?

RPA effectively helps businesses with consultancy services and meets digital transformation companies’ demands by disrupting the current workforce. It allows the firm to up-skill the workforce in different skillsets, improve understanding processes, and build up the flair for organizations to stay relevant and updated in the industry’s new practices. It keeps the business in line with new techniques and allows them to compete favorably with its peers in the field. As with digital transformation, multiple use cases exist on how to apply data analytics in strategic, operational or support functions in businesses across industries. However, each business has characteristics that can translate into specific challenges when implementing analytics solutions.

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